Smart Process Observation – The new Generation of Process Monitoring

Fast. Compact. Flexible.


The processobserver series has proven itself over years in large production environments and is used extremely successfully in the automotive sector and other areas where fast, safety-critical applications are part of everybody´s daily business.

The new processobserver generation is now on the market. It provides the following benefits:

  • Compact Design

    With diode based sensors, the process light is measured by a photodiode. The new sensor is not only convincing due to its compact design, but is also able to measure optical radiation in various wavelength ranges with high resolution and low noise.

  • High Inspection Speed

    With the specially developed amplifier electronics and a measuring frequency of up to 250,000 samples per second, monitoring high speed applications such as battery welding in the electromobility sector is no longer a problem. The welding of extremely short seams with very fast cycle times and the highest quality requirements is monitored.

  • Flexible Optical Integration

    There are several ways in which the optical radiation can be guided from the process to the sensor: With “off-axis” integration, the process is observed from a lateral perspective. On-axis”, the process is observed directly via the beam path of the laser, or the sensor is integrated directly into the processing laser. Different integration methods can be combined easily to provide a maximum of process data and control.

  • Scalability

    Multiple sensors can be integrated via Ethernet into a sensor network, making the system very scalable. Sampling rate, sensitivity and a number of other parameters can also be adapted to the respective application.